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EP: Aslay – 10+100



EP: Aslay – 10+100

Aslay – 10+100 –Aslay, a Tanzanian musician who was formerly a part of Yamoto Band and became famous for his number-one single “Natamba,” has now released a new EP project titled “10+100.”

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The eleven (11) vivid and lively songs on Aslay‘s most recent EP, “10+100,” demonstrate the musician’s flexibility and musical prowess. Following its debut in May 2023, the album has garnered praise from both critics and fans.

10+100” is a solid and well-rounded EP that demonstrates Aslay‘s artistic diversity. The music on the album is a blend of lively dance pieces and moving ballads, all of which have Aslay‘s distinct flair and contagious energy. “10+100” is unquestionably an EP worth listening to, regardless of whether you’ve been a Bongo Flava fan for a long time or are only now learning about Aslay.

Listen to, “Aslay – 10+100 EP Full Album” Below;

  1. Aslay – Nice Couple
  2. Aslay – Kaniacha
  3. Aslay – Nimenasia
  4. Aslay – Mnafiki
  5. Aslay – Arejee
  6. Aslay – Mama Yoyo
  7. Aslay – Kangaroo
  8. Aslay – Chakudeka
  9. Aslay – Nyuki
  10. Aslay – Sikuachi
  11. Aslay – Romantic

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