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GBC Business Group Phone Call



GBC Business Group Phone Call

GBC Business Group Phone Call – Consumer complaints about claimed debt harassment at their law office have been flooding GBC Business Group, commonly known as GB Collects, which is in the debt collecting business. It is crucial to comprehend why GBC is calling you and how you can stop them if you are receiving calls from them.

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GBC’s primary objective is to recover debts owed to their clients, which may include credit card companies, healthcare providers, or other lenders. When consumers fail to pay their debts, GBC may initiate contact with them through phone calls or letters, requesting payment or negotiating a payment plan.

What is GB Collects?

GBC is a third-party collection service based in New Jersey that specializes in commercial debt collection. Several consumer complaints have been filed against GBC with the business group, alleging violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). These complaints include the use of prohibited communication tactics and attempts to collect debts that are not actually owed.

If you have been contacted by GBC regarding overdue financial obligations, it is important to know your rights before taking any action.

Is GB Collects a bogus company?

According to the Better Business Bureau (BBB), GB Collects, LLC is a legitimate company that was created and incorporated in 2001. In 2004, the BBB created a profile page for the company. GB Collects is classified as a collection agency by the BBB, with an estimated yearly revenue of $4 million and 45 employees at its headquarters, according to Buzzfile.

GB Collects claims on its website that it has been successful in third-party collections for over a decade and employs a well-trained staff to quickly recover delinquent accounts. The company boasts a high net-back and quick recovery rate, and it is adaptable to any industry but specializes in collecting commercial accounts for various firms, including insurers, wholesalers, transportation companies, and property leasing firms.

GB Collects offers several collection services, including telephone interaction, step demand letters, skip-tracing processes, business structure investigation strategies, and chain of command-hierarchy step programs. The company also offers a “fast-trac” collection system and multiple payment options, including check by phone, fax, ACH, and mail. Additionally, GB Collects provides a suite of business credit products and online access for clients to view reports and manage their debt collection services.

The company also offers first-party collection services, collection training seminars, personalized collection letter campaigns, and litigation management. However, there is no information on the company’s website regarding its regulatory compliance policies, and there are no links or references to consumer protection resources or enforcement organizations.

Is it possible for GB Collects to sue me or garnish my wages?

Debt collectors are not allowed to make empty threats of lawsuits or wage garnishment. However, some debt collection agencies have been known to take debtors to court and garnish their wages after obtaining a default judgment.

To protect yourself, it’s recommended to consult with an attorney before any legal action is taken against you. Many people have used legal services to fight back against unfair debt collection practices. If you are in a similar situation, you may also consider seeking assistance from legal professionals.

Is it possible for you to assist me in filing a No-Fee Lawsuit against GB Collects?

Certainly. There have been customer complaints regarding GB Collects. Some of these complaints include disagreements over the validity of debts and accusations of harassment.

One complaint, filed in July 2018, alleged that the individual received a letter from GBC claiming that they owed a debt from a year and a half earlier. The complainant disputed the claim and demanded proof of the debt, which GBC was unable to provide. Despite this, GBC continued to contact the complainant via phone and mail, prompting them to file a complaint. This complaint did not receive a public response from GBC.

Another complaint in February 2019 claimed that GB Collects continued to contact and send letters to the complainant about a debt they claimed they did not owe. The individual provided proof that they did not owe the debt but GBC continued to harass them with phone calls and letters. GBC responded to this complaint stating that they believed it was a misunderstanding.

In October 2018, a complainant reported that they received a call from GB Collects claiming that their spouse owed a medical bill from 2017, which they disputed due to not having coverage or treatment at the time. The GBC agent continued to insist that they owed the debt and the complainant suspected it was a scam. Despite this, GBC allegedly tried to contact them again. GBC responded to this complaint stating that they believed it was a misunderstanding.

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