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Is Salt Bae broke? New prices in his restaurant less than 40 euros



Is Salt Bae broke? New prices in his restaurant less than 40 euros

Is Salt Bae broke? – Salt Bae, who is well-known for his unique fashion sense and Instagram following, has recently had difficulties in his eateries. The costs have significantly decreased, especially at the Nurs-Et Steakhouse in New York, which is one noticeable shift. Many others were shocked to learn that they had released a set meal for just 39 euros.

The Nurs-Et Steakhouse has attracted a lot of attention on social media since it opened in 2019. However, the establishment has also come under fire for its initially expensive menu, which led to unfavorable reviews and media attention.

When a customer’s receipt went viral and revealed an astonishing bill of 1,812 euros, it was one occurrence that attracted the public’s attention. The outrageous price of 630 euros for a steak and the cost of four Red Bulls at 44 euros each were both listed on the receipt.

In an unexpected turn of events, Salt Bae has responded to the criticism and difficulties by offering more reasonably priced solutions. Many people were surprised by the introduction of the new set menu, which costs just 39 euros. This action seeks to satisfy

Salt Bae Introduces Affordable and Diverse Menu Options

Gokce, better known as Salt Bae, seems to have added new, reasonably priced menu options to his business. These menus provide diners with a range of alternatives at various pricing points.

From Monday through Sunday, there is a single lunch menu that costs 39 euros per person and has an appetizer, a main meal, and a dessert. Customers can purchase a full dinner option from this at a reasonable cost.

A burger and chips option is also available for 45 euros. For those seeking a supper that is less complicated, this may be an alternative. Customers have more options thanks to starters like smoked beef, taco burgers, and steak tartare, which are all offered for 35 euros.

A fresh selection of sushi has also been added to Salt Bae’s menu. Options include


Despite the fact that Salt Bae’s salt-spraying films on social media went popular, it appears like his empire may be in trouble. According to reports, Nurs-Et’s New York location is going to close, and his London eatery has gotten unfavorable remarks. These issues raise the possibility that his company is experiencing challenges.

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